Explore the capabilities of the RailSoft system
, for Container Depots

May 24 (Wednesday) at 10:30 am

Container Depot Management System is an ideal solution for companies that need not only efficient, but also flexible handling of the processes of receipt, release and storage of containers. Thanks to this tool, handling processes are carried out more efficiently, and the collected data gathered in one place allows better control over the work of the depot.


At our webinar, we will give you the basics of how our system works and discuss its key functionalities. We will also present how to use and the benefits of using the tool in practice.


Krzysztof Czyszczoń

Krzysztof Czyszczoń

IT Project Manager

He has more than 10 years of experience working in the IT industry and managing IT projects.

He has gained extensive experience in the implementation of information systems and their integration with existing systems in transportation, logistics, manufacturing and service companies.

He has many successful implementation projects to his credit, including implementations of systems for service management, production, warehousing and transportation system management.