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We are pleased to announce that starting this month we will begin publishing articles in the international railroad magazine Railway-News. This is not only a great opportunity for us to promote our company, but also an opportunity to reach new customers and expand our operations abroad.



Railway-News is an international magazine dedicated to the railroad industry. Thanks to our presence in this magazine, we will be able to reach a wider audience who are interested in topics related to rail transportation, infrastructure management and IT applications for the rail industry. Cooperation with Railway-News will open up many new opportunities, both in terms of establishing business contacts and attracting new partners in foreign markets.


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The implementation of information systems for the railroad sector is one of’s key areas of activity. For many years, we have been working to develop and improve our applications that support the management of rail traffic, safety and comprehensive business processes. Our systems have been successfully used in Poland, and now we have an ambitious goal – we want to expand our operations in foreign markets and win new customers.

In our plans for the development of information systems for the rail sector, we are looking ahead and broadly, not only to the domestic market, but also to European markets. We are looking for new avenues of growth to offer our solutions to railroad companies across the continent. The cooperation with Railway-News is the first step in this direction for us, and we are confident that it will bring us many new business contacts and partners.

In conclusion, the publication of articles in Railway-News is a great opportunity for us to promote our company and our IT solutions for the railroad sector. This will increase our visibility in the international market, as well as give us the opportunity to establish new business contacts and attract new partners.


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