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Tailor-made software for companies

For industries such as industrial production and petrochemicals, we have been developing modern solutions to improve the operation of specialized plants for many years. This is made possible by our dedicated software designed and made for companies. We design them together with clients keeping in mind all their functional and business requirements, needs and preferences. We prepare and implement web software, applications for mobile devices with Android operating system comprehensively.

In the case of using ready-made software depending on the type of project we make the necessary modifications to the software and run the software on selected web, android, desktop platforms. We look forward to working with you!


Total individuality

The system can be freely customized under the business processes and internal flows in the organization.



As the company grows, the application grows with it. The software offers excellent performance as the number of users grows.


Do you have other IT systems in the organization? Our solution works well with any software available on the market.




How do we create dedicated software for companies?

Over many years of operation in the IT market, we have created a team of experts who select the most favorable solutions for the implementation of modern technologies into enterprises. Our dedicated software for businesses available, among others. in a turnkey variant, is being developed using the SCRUM/Agile/DevOps agile methodology. These practices allow us to prepare, for example, web applications perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the client. The combination of the development and operation streams, combined with the extensive experience we have, translates into rapid development of enterprise software.

We develop a specific solution for the client, both from scratch and using tools already implemented in the company. We are able to modify them comprehensively, carrying out optimizations that increase the functionality and efficiency of the web applications or other types of system elements used so far. Before starting work, we always establish with the client the scope of activities and expectations, which we then meet by making dedicated turnkey software.


What can dedicated software prepared by our team give your company?

The advantage of working with us is, first of all, the possibility of creating a completely unique solution for a given enterprise. We design and configure the platform so that it is maximally adapted to the company’s business processes and internal flows within the organization. Scalability is also an undoubted advantage in this case. The turnkey web applications we prepare are dedicated software that adapts to each stage of business development. As a result, even with the rapid growth of orders and revenues, it is possible to manage the business efficiently and conveniently.

We adapt to existing solutions, creating applications that fully interoperate with the systems used in the company. We provide services at affordable prices, and we always set rates individually for each client. When executing a turn-key web-based dedicated software, our focus is on timeliness, but most importantly on the satisfaction of the ordering party. At every stage of designing or implementing a unique system or module, we remain available to provide professional support and advice.


Implementation of the system


1. needs

This is where it all starts. We will help you define your needs and expectations of the system’s competencies. We will analyze each step of the process flow through each department and complete the project assumptions.

2 It's time to go!

We start working on your software. At each stage of the work, we keep in mind the goals you want to achieve. We define timeframes and milestones for a project that will soon be operational in your organization.

3. project

At this stage, we can deal with the design of the implementation process. Test environments work on your desired configuration. The results of the work are consulted with you. We discuss each item in terms of quality, service and performance satisfaction.

4. system design

Our experts start building the system after receiving feedback. Here we have the opportunity to design layout, document templates, data migration (e.g. from existing systems in your company).

5 Commissioning

We verify every detail and move forward with the launch of the environment. We make sure everything is working properly and also provide thorough system training to your team.

6th Final

At this stage, the system is already running in your company. We are in constant contact with you, making sure everything is working properly. Our technical department is always ready to provide the required assistance.


How does the implementation of dedicated software in a company go?

The main goal of creating platforms for enterprises is to enable their owners to run their businesses quickly with seamless, convenient business management. Both the creation of appropriate turnkey dedicated software and its skillful operation thus become crucial. For this reason, we provide mentoring by a team of specialists during implementations. Experts will show how to optimally use the proposed solution.

However, the whole process begins once we have established with the customer the characteristics of the system we are to prepare. After it is done, we migrate the data, if needed, and then run the environment in the organization. Enterprises that opt for our dedicated web applications for businesses and other types of software can count on comprehensive support after implementation in case of any doubts or errors. For more information, feel free to contact us! provides professional advice on choosing the right IT solution. As part of the implementation, you get mentoring and support from a team of experts who have experience in running projects for a wide range of industries.

Each solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience and operation.

Advanced solutions

Set your sights on development

Trust the experience we have accumulated in preparing numerous projects in many industries.

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