Multitasking in a single platform


What does SharePoint help with?

SharePoint is a platform designed for special tasks. Used in the right way, it will allow excellent service for any company that is focused on dynamic growth.

With SharePoint from Microsoft, you can create a virtual company environment, customized for tasks and structure with even faster access to important information.

Free access

The system will allow you to access important documents from wherever you are at the moment.


You have the ability to create approval paths and customized business processes from the convenience of your applications.


One place

SharePoint is a way to centralize access to information and tasks for all employees on a corporate network.


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The form is where it all starts. It is through them that your employees can conveniently add or edit data. Thanks to its extensive capabilities, we can freely modify the data entry stage to suit the operation of the company and a particular position or department.

Using forms, you have access to a wide range of tasks that you can perform with them.


An exemplary leave application with supervisor approval is limited to a few clicks.

Microsoft Office Infopath

Infopath is a tool from Microsoft that combines ease of use and rich functionality. The user does not need to have the software installed to be able to fill out applications issued with this solution. The system works great for editing and executing forms in the company’s internal resources. Each user has the ability to design any form taking into account the needs and construction of the template. The solution is not limited to internal use, as it can be used to create a great tool for collecting information and data from customers, partners or suppliers from the browser.


The Microsoft PowerApps platform is the place to develop creative applications that can be used by an organization in desktop and mobile modes on multiple operating systems, thanks to modern features. The system is great for organizations that are growing rapidly and need new intuitive solutions both in the office and when working remotely.

Forms created in PowerApps are easy to use and can contain many variables which makes it possible to use them in many different processes, e.g. handling of vacations, equipment records.


Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms allows you to build forms and bets on complete freedom in the functions and results the client wants to achieve. The solution is flexible and has numerous customizations for business processes. Filling and adding data itself can be accessed from a computer and any mobile device.

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Workflow tasks

SharePoint is not just about adding data using forms. Our information, once added, lands in Workflow, the information flow process. The data is routed between cells or organizational units in the management model that is adopted in the company (e.g., subordinate – manager). In either case, documents and sets of information can be processed freely. The various stages of the workflow are sent back to individuals, where each of them has a document in front of them that requires the execution of possible operations specified by the system.

An example of a workflow could be the workflow of delegation registration.



The principal fills out the appropriate form, which includes, among other things, the location where the employee in question is to go on assignment.



By completing the form, an internal delegation order document is created and approved by the employee for execution.



The employee takes a business trip and records the execution of the order into the system. The document is registered as executed.

SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer is a site creation solution, but it can also be used as the base wizard for your workflow processes. The system is easy to use which makes it possible for specialists to quickly correct errors in the need to make changes to your process.

Power Automate

Another way to easily handle the work is Microsoft Power Automate. This solution will not only help you streamline your priority workflow, but will also help you automate it. The system intelligently signals potential locations where work automation will help speed up work while maintaining maximum safety.


Nintex Workflow

Nintex Worflow is a tool that you can also connect to your SharePoint and optimize workflows from that level. The system uses process mapping in a visual form which gives an easy overview of what should be streamlined and and changed for even greater optimization and team efficiency.


On Premise



Other solutions

Our solutions are always tailored to the customer’s requirements and individual needs. Personalized workflow processes and their design often go beyond “boxed solutions” ready to use immediately after installation. specialists are always ready to meet these requirements. The software can use multiple technologies and at the same time be geared for dynamic operation.

Your solution can also be designed in technologies: provides professional advice on choosing the right IT solution. As part of the implementation, you get mentoring and support from a team of experts who have experience in running projects for a wide range of industries.

Each solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience and operation.

Advanced solutions

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