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SAP Business One is the answer to managing all areas of an organization. With the platform, you can delegate operations in the areas of sales, customer relations, accounting, warehouse, service, all the way to procurement and production.

The solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience of work and service.

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Multiple language versions and support for foreign currencies


Low total cost of ownership


Used at 65,000 customers worldwide

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Wide application

Because every company is different, SAP Business One is designed for maximum flexibility. Whether the system is installed on-site or in the cloud, you can access it anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device. And since SAP Business One runs on both SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL, you can choose the one that best suits your business.

Expand your business abroad. SAP has the ability to operate in an international environment, as it supports 28 languages and 50 local versions.

SAP Business One is ready to use immediately after implementation. Be ready to manage your business professionally from the first day of implementation.

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The implementation includes SAP’s implementation of a monthly license fee. As your business grows, SAP Business One grows with it.

Mobile devices

Manage your business and teams remotely or from the road with mobile apps. Full control from anywhere with superior performance on mobile devices.

Company headquarters

The traditional implementation model, which includes on-site SAP implementations on internal resources.


SAP modules


Financial management


– Accounting – automatic handling of all key accounting processes.

– Control – precise management of cash flow.

– Simplifications – Fixed Asset Management.

– Banking and account reconciliation – a quick reconciliation process.

– Financial reports and analysis – create standard or customized reports.


Sales and customer management


– Sales and sales opportunity management.

– Marketing campaign management – create, manage and analyze.

– Customer management – store all important customer data in one place.

– Service management – effectively manage warranty and service contracts.

– Reports and analysis – create detailed reports on all aspects of the sales process.

– Make your sales team more mobile – manage sales information on the go.


Control of warehouse supplies


– Procurement – create purchase offers, purchase order and goods receipt forms; combine purchasing documents and view document paths.

– Holistic data management – manage detailed data in a user-friendly interface.

– Accounting and warehouse integration – get real-time synchronization.

– Process supplier invoices, cancellations and credit notes against the order form.

– Easier, timely reporting – generate real-time data reports.


Production planning


– Warehouse and inventory management – manage inventory using various cost pricing models.

– Manage warehouse storage locations – manage inventory across multiple warehouses.

– Receipt of goods and release control – record receipt and release of goods; track inventory location and transfers.

– Production and material requirement planning – create and manage multi-level product trees.

– Efficient reporting – generate reports of current data and display them in various formats.


Business Intelligence


– Create and customize reports – access data from multiple sources, create new reports and customize existing ones.

– Interactive analysis – use standard Microsoft Excel functions to create reports.

– Intuitive tools – drag and create links, explore, support your searches and alerts based on workflows.

– Analytics plus predefined KPIs.

– Enrich your reports with advanced visualizations.


Analytics and reporting

Together with the fully integrated SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One, you can create graphical panels and reports that provide insight into all areas of your business. An intuitive interactive feature for detailed data analysis helps get answers to the most pressing questions. Employees
can meet customer needs faster, and managers can accurately track revenue, costs and cash flow to assess performance and make
rapid corrective action.

For even faster access
For information, SAP HANA version for SAP Business
One offers advanced time-based analysis features
real, making it easier for the user to search
information in SAP Business One and very fast
Create standard or ad hoc reports.

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