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Innovation in the industry

What are RealWear products?

RealWear is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art augmented reality solutions to elevate work in demanding environments.

The wearable computer allows hands-free field operations to be carried out comfortably. With the screen positioned at the line of sight, employees are equipped with the necessary information needed for a safe and modern workplace.


Thanks to their intelligent design, RealWear devices are designed for hands-free operation. Access to information is realized by voice control which promotes the mobility of workers in the field or on the shop floor.


Wide possibilities

Along with the increase in security, the wearable computer also offers an acceleration of work and processes that would take longer under the traditional model of manual management and operation.


RealWear Navigator™ 500 demonstration

Remote monitoring

Connect directly with workers in the field and direct operations in real time using the RealWear device’s camera image.

Visual Aids

Work and verify data hands-free using the screen and high-definition media playback capabilities.

Document navigation

Switch between complex instructions and projects while staying safe with free hands and full field of vision.

Digital workflow

Reduce errors by using visual instructions and checklists to guide the employee step-by-step through each defined process.

Access to data

Reproduce important data from anywhere in real time needed, for example, for reviews requiring technical documentation.

High resistance

RealWear devices are ready to operate in high dust, heavy rain and are also drop-proof.


Built-in microphones offer ideal sound quality, using active suppression of ambient noise up to 100 dB.

Changing batteries

You don’t have to rush and interrupt your work because of a dead battery. With the hotswap solution, you have 5 minutes to replace the battery without turning off the device.

Not only inside

Extreme conditions are no obstacle, as RealWear can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C.


Everyday work also means taking care of safety, which is why RealWear is fully compatible with the most popular models of protective helmets.

FullHD 1080p Camera

Up to 15,000 duty cycles

Low weight – 380g

Clear display

10 hours of battery life

Built-in flashlight

Rail industry

Stay safe on the railroad siding with RealWear. Identify railcars and technical information during comprehensive rolling stock inspections.


Complete orders using quick access to the data available in the field of view with RealWear. Mark destinations with QR codes.


Stay in touch with maintenance services as they work together on repair schemes for industrial machinery in the field of view of the RealWear device.


RealWear’s capabilities on the railroad siding

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