Integration with UTK
Integracja z UTK

Integration of the RailSoft System with the National Register of Train Drivers in Poland.


In 2023, the Polish Railway Transport Office introduced the National Register of Train Drivers.

  • What does this mean for Polish railroad companies?
  • What IT solutions should be developed?


First steps

First, it is important to consider what the integration of the two systems will bring. In this case, between the RailSoft system and the Railway Transport Authority.

Integration of two IT systems is the process of combining two different IT systems to enable them to use data together and exchange information. Integration can be used to improve work efficiency, increase productivity and provide better customer service.

There are different ways to integrate two IT systems. This could include connecting them via an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows data exchange between systems. Another way is to use middleware, which is special software that connects two different systems and allows them to exchange data.

Before integrating two IT systems, it is necessary to carefully plan the entire process and determine what data will be exchanged between the systems and how it will be processed. It is also necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the two systems to make sure they are compatible with each other and there will be no conflicts.


What purpose does the solution serve?

The National Register of Train Drivers is a solution for improving railroad safety, which will be a global collection of information on examinations, current licensing of train drivers, and continuous monitoring of the competence of railroad personnel.

In practice, each railroad company will have to inform the UTK of the aforementioned. information regarding its employees. The mere exchange of information will require employers to keep relevant records and keep up-to-date on authorizations among railroad personnel. to meet this need has prepared a special module of our flagship RailSoft solution to carry out such operations as:

  • convenient collection of employee data
  • orderly segregation of information
  • fast and safe exchange with UTK


The RailSoft system is also constantly being developed in terms of the regulations and laws applicable to rail transport in Poland.

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