Application for external employees

RailSoft for auditors and train drivers has introduced an application that allows for rail service by external employees.


  • What is the main functionality of the application?
  • How will the new solution help?

The new software for railroad auditors and train drivers is designed to improve safety and efficiency on the railroad.


Purpose of the application

One of the main features of the software is the automatic detection of potential faults and failures on the tracks and railroad machinery, allowing them to be quickly and efficiently corrected. This allows auditors and drivers to focus on other important tasks, such as inspecting the condition of rolling stock or checking documentation.

RailSoft also makes it easy and fast to conduct security checks on the railroad. Thanks to the integrated management system, auditors and drivers can efficiently review and update records on the condition of the rail infrastructure, allowing for better control and management of the entire system.

In addition, the new software makes it easy to create reports and summaries for railroad management and other institutions involved in railroad operations. This allows auditors and machinists to quickly and efficiently communicate important information and keep records of their work.


Not only in the field

Overall, the new software for railroad auditors and train drivers is an important tool for making work on the railroad safer and more efficient. Its application can help improve the operation of the entire rail system, as well as provide better working conditions for auditors and drivers.

Convenient operation is reduced to two applications:

  • WEB application for office workers
  • Mobile app for workers in the field

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