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What is LABSystem?

LABSystem is an IT platform for managing the test execution process in the laboratory, where test results from all machines and equipment are integrated and analyzed in one place.

The IT solution provides support for all required processes such as test orders and execution inside the laboratory i external entities.

Management of the research center

Full management of the laboratory’s work including the processes of ordering and executing tests, personnel training, and records of machinery and equipment.

Downloading the results

Automatic collection of test results from laboratory machines and equipment.


Full integration with any ERP system and manufacturing software.


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What do you gain?


Productivity growth

Increasing the capacity of employees and implementing more research.

All documents in one system

No problem of a lost result or test order.

Dynamic circulation

Speeding up the processes of submitting samples for testing.

Quick implementation

Clearing congestion and speeding up process execution.

Multiple devices - one result

Uniformity of test results from different machines and equipment assigned to the laboratory.

Ready-made integrations

Several ready-made integrations with laboratory machines and equipment. provides professional advice on choosing the right IT solution. As part of the implementation, you get mentoring and support from a team of experts who have experience in running projects for a wide range of industries.

Each solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience and operation.

Advanced solutions


LABSystem completed projects

Wdrożenie u klienta z branży lakierniczej. System wspomógł procesy odpowiedzialne za analizę i optymalizację składu farb.

Branża lakiernicza

Oprogramowanie LABSystem wspiera obsługę badań surowców wykorzystywanych w późniejszej produkcji elementów plastikowych.

Branża tworzyw sztucznych

LABSystem wsparł firmę odpowiedzialną za testy komputerów. System rejestruje wyniki testów wydajnościowych komputerów przemysłowych.


Branża spożywcza


LABSystem completed projects



Register of orders

Measuring instruments

Creating a new order

Recipe editing

Printout of results



Analysis of measurements

Research schedule

Register of orders

Measuring instruments

Creating a new order

Recipe editing

Printout of test results

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