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Petrochemical industry

Learn about’s proprietary solutions that simplify the management of complex processes in the petrochemical industry. Our experience has allowed us to design IT systems tailored for enterprises focused on modernity and dynamic development.


The solution works well in the automation process and simplifies the execution of complex operations.


Complete system

Our system is a fully integrated environment for handling multiple internal and external processes.


The software reduces the amount of time spent on work, reduces high costs and gives you a competitive edge.

Petrol stations

Full service of filling stations and distributors

Fuel trading

A comprehensive solution for wholesale

System description

Petrol stations

Fuel station service system is a solution that provides comprehensive management of dispenser service as well as the office. The software is designed to make all facility operations as easy as possible. The system allows constant access to important information, shows and reports important variables, such as fluctuations in the price of a particular fuel. The environment consists of two modules that work closely together to create a comprehensive solution.

Comprehensive service

Petrol stations


POS module

The POS module is an application that supports the management of distributors and transactions. This part of the system is fully prepared for customer service and has a graphical layout that allows you to easily read relevant information from the system.

More information
  • View distributor balances
  • Reading data from distributors
  • After reading the data, a new transaction is created based on it
  • Releasing distributors after creating a deal
  • Manual blocking of distributors
  • Programming of distributors (distributors can prprogram or wvalue program. From the POS application, we can program the distributor not to dispense more fuel than has been programmed)
  • Support for virtual distributors (distributors not connected to the controller, from which it is possible to manually create a new transaction)
  • Integration with CDN XL
  • Ability to issue receipts, invoices, WZ and RW documents.
  • Ability to create the above mentioned documents from several transactions
  • Ability to make technical pours (after specialspecific permission of the administrator)
  • Possibility of taking over the distributor by another POS position

Office Module

The office module introduces functionality to control documents and important internal and external data. It is possible to view completed transactions or other relevant data at all times.

More information
  • Configuration dispensers and fuels (what type of fuel is in the respective hoses)
  • Setsnot fuel prices on distributors
  • Locking and unlocking distributors
  • View all transactions (transaction history)
  • Contract management(add, delete, edit) Contracts are required for issuing WZ documents. The system checks before issuing a documenthere among other things whether the limits included in the contract with the contractor have been exceeded. The system checks the term contract, value limit, quantity limit

  • Directories:
    • Contractors (coming from CDN XL)
    • Vehicles
    • Drivers
    • Price lists (including fuel price history)
    • Company drivers
  • Reports:
    • Sales Report
    • Report of issuance of WZ documents
    • RW document issue report
    • Report for contracts: implementation of contracts, summary of contracts, status of contracts
    • Value difference report for transactions
    • Records of distributor meters
    • Fuel dispensing report for the day
    • Trend of fuel price changes

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    System description

    Fuel trading

    The fuel sales management software is an add-on to the SAP Business One system. It is a solution that takes care of your safety and makes it easier to navigate the fuel market. Combine all key functions and manage the buying and selling process from the convenience of the app. The individual modules are designed to guide the user through each business step based on the company’s operations as accurately as possible.

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    Fuel trading


    Sales-purchase and excise pathways

    The system automates purchasing and sales processes for both gas and fuels. We support all types of fuel: 95, 98, DIESEL, BIODIESEL, LPG.

    More information

    Supporting sales and purchasing processes

    • Sales and Purchase Contracts:
      • Domestic, in the EU and outside the EU borders
      • without transshipment – direct sale to customer in Unia
      • without transshipment direct sale to polish customer
      • z transshipment at the terminal in Poland


    Solution Petrosoft for SAP B1 enables record keeping, w
    and reporting
    excise taxes for fuel transactions.

    • Excise duty records
    • Calculation and posting of excise duties to the appropriate accounts
    • Excise Reports

    Pricing formulas

    Wed by The assumptions of each pricing formula in SAP B1 can consist of any number of elements. The resulting value of the price formula is the result of mathematical operations, On these elements. Each element of the pricing procedure can be a constant or an enumerated value.

    More information

    Each pricing formula and elements of the pricing formula are valid for a specific period of time. It is also possible to build future pricing formulas and perform simulations of their results. After creating a purchase/sale order, it is possible to preview how the system calculated the price for the specific case under consideration.

    The pricing procedures module consists of several basic windows where various information is stored, these are:

    • Fuel prices
    • Types of conditions
    • Constituent conditions
    • Definition of templates
    • Definition of pricing procedures

    Composition support

    The system allows full recording and management of the fuel blending stage:

    • blending in-house stock
    • sales process with blending
    • prclassification
    • doblend

    Inventory records and units

    Goods can be recorded in cubic meters at 15

    C degrees taking density into account.

    Transactions can be recorded taking into account reference and actual density.

    More information

    The solution allows the selection of the storage unit on the contract. The unit applies throughout the sales stage.

    In addition, it allows you to
    recording and accounting for the actual amount of fuel at our disposal, as well as determining the size of losses or surpluses.

    The system offers full and automatic fuel accounting at the reference temperature. We generate automatic billing for deliveries, releases and non-win shortages. We also offer ready-made reports necessary in accounting for reliable and compliant fuel accounting.


    The system offers a wide range of industry reports: controlling, management, financial and accounting, warehouse,specialized reportsdedicated to BIOfuel:

    • NCW reports and NCR
    • Reports ARE
    • Reports of the Biopes
    • Reports ARM provides professional advice on choosing the right IT solution. As part of the implementation, you get mentoring and support from a team of experts who have experience in running projects for a wide range of industries.

    Each solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience and operation.

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