Modern invoice management model

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What is eInvoice?

The e-Invoice system is a convenient solution that completely replaces paper invoices.

It allows sending, receiving and storing documents in virtual form with the possibility of confirming with an electronic signature. The document itself has identical features and validity to the traditional form of invoices due to its compliance with the Ministry of Finance’s guidelines for electronic documents.

Digitization of documents

Get ready for full electronic invoice processing today. According to the draft amendment, it will be mandatory for businesses to switch to a new form of invoice accounting by 2023.


The system interacts with any email and thus keeps both contractors informed of the current status of the electronic invoice. Once the operation is completed, the document is submitted for archiving.


The ability to connect to the ERP environment running in the company.


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What do you gain?


Speeding up the process

Faster invoice settlement process by using email
for the collection of documents.

A complete overview

Ability to completely review correspondence related to invoices from a given contractor.


Full automation of incoming and outgoing documents.

Lower costs

Reduce costs associated with printing and mailing traditional invoices.


Access invoices from any device and location using a browser.



Secure invoice storage using individual access for authorized users. provides professional advice on choosing the right IT solution. As part of the implementation, you get mentoring and support from a team of experts who have experience in running projects for a wide range of industries.

Each solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience and operation.

Advanced solutions


Finished projects

Full support of documentation workflow in a multi-branch corporation with subsidiaries throughout the country.

Oil company

The system’s modules support the operations of one of the country’s largest biofuel and biocomponent producers.

Biofuel industry


LABSystem completed projects

Template for sending notifications

Document Finder

List of documents

Counterparty data

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Template for sending notifications

Document Finder

List of documents

Counterparty data

Types of documents

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