Effective ticket management

Management of notifications

What is eHelpDesk?

The eHelpDesk is a solution created by Petrosoft.pl that allows for effective management of requests by automating the registration process and handling incidents.

Requests received in the system are automatically assigned to the 1st or 2nd line of support, which can conveniently manage the problem in question
and record the current status of work on the solution.

SLAs – the module allows you to transparently define the scopes of given services between the customer and the service provider. The system continuously updates and tracks the progress of the services performed and sends alerts on any violations of the terms stipulated in the contracts.

Freedom to accept applications

The architecture of the solution allows for accepting requests through multiple channels including: website, email, or by phone contact.

CRM module

The system stores every operation, event, or resource change from the moment a ticket is accepted to the closing of the ticket and the resolution of the problem.


The user is provided with an advanced tool that collects data in real time on the number of requests, response time, working time, timeliness and form of execution.

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What do you gain?


Functional interface

Convenient user interface
and administrator accessible from a browser or app.


Effective use of the time of those assigned to handle requests.


Ability to stretch resources
o any number of available service technicians.

Avoiding mistakes

Avoiding the situation of repeated requests, tasks and lost incidents.

Easy inventory

Facilitate inventory of company assets based on designated locations.


Report generation

Ability to produce reports
and statements by. any criteria.

Petrosoft.pl provides professional advice on choosing the right IT solution. As part of the implementation, you get mentoring and support from a team of experts who have experience in running projects for a wide range of industries.

Each solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience and operation.

Advanced solutions


Finished implementations of eHelpDesk

The eHelpDesk has been implemented at a customer supplying the market with high-quality components for aircraft engines.

Aerospace industry

The system supports the operations of a highly developed enterprise responsible for providing logistics services in the country.

Logistics industry

Deploy with an expert in telecommunications and ICT technologies. The company is dedicated to designing innovative solutions in its industry.

Telecommunications industry


LABSystem completed projects

Incident entry

List of incidents

Knowledge base

Report Generator

Defining resources

Service hour settings

Incident automation



Incident entry

List of incidents

Knowledge base

Report Generator

Defining resources

Service hour settings

Incident automation

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