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Comarch XL is a professional ERP system for handling the entire enterprise. The solution itself is built in a modular fashion, providing a high degree of flexibility and the ability to fine-tune it to suit a company’s operating conditions. Get ahead of the changes and bet on a system that adapts to you today.

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What do you gain?



With analytical modules, you have the convenience to make strategic decisions.


Thanks to the intelligent design of the system, repetitive processes can be easily automated.

Easy to use

The software is employee-friendly thanks to its easy and intuitive interface.


The system environment is composed of modules that are customized for your processes.


Comarch ERP XL will make sure that the system is always up to date with current legislation.

As you expand in the market, Comarch ERP XL grows with you. The system has a flexible environment that you can scale at will. What does this mean? The software allows you to freely add modules and applications currently needed to support your business processes.

Bet on a system that guarantees the security of your data storage. The system backs up on an ongoing basis, ensuring that no file or email is ever lost.

Move to flexible operation in many areas of the organization.

5500 companies from various industries in Poland use Comarch ERP XL. Join them and see how easy it is to manage your organization.

Learn how Comarch works provides professional advice on choosing the right IT solution. As part of the implementation, you get mentoring and support from a team of experts who have experience in running projects for a wide range of industries.

Each solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience and operation.

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Finance and accounting

Get a new tool that allows you to control your company’s financial status from a single module. Monitor costs and manage important events while staying abreast of current financial regulations.

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  • Compliance with the Accounting Act and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – ongoing adaptation of Comarch ERP XL system to changing regulations,
  • Flexible, multi-level chart of accounts created manually or through a wizard,
  • Ergonomics of daily work – quick search of accounts according to various criteria,
  • Record costs based on group 4, 5 accounts or using both “fours” and “fives.”
  • Easily analyze costs from different angles and perspectives with definable analytical dimensions (e.g., department, Cost Origin, purpose, cost type, project, contractor, location),
  • Control of any number of cost circles.
  • Flexibility to define and deduct VAT rates
  • Support for multiple cash registers and bank records, in Polish zloty and other currencies,
  • Effective reporting of receivables and payables, both of a specific counterparty and of all entities with which the company does business,
  • Records of fixed assets on the basis of inventory books organized in a multi-level tree structure.

Human Resources and Payroll

If you are looking for ways to embed HR and payroll operations in your structures while dispensing with external service providers, Comarch ERP XL will help you. This module will allow you to run HR processes independently or completely streamline the work of the entire Card and Payroll department in your company.

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  • Handling the full HR and payroll process – from the admission of the employee, through all operations concerning his accounts, up to the termination of the employment contract and deregistration from insurance,
  • Support for defining salary elements, making them dependent on working time, absence or seniority,
  • Prepare cash dis bursements and transfers to employees’ current accounts,
  • Automatic information on salary costs.
  • Constant adaptation to emerging legal changes.
  • Accounting for, among other things. Civil-law contracts and settlement of owners-access to a full range of declarations submitted to the Social Security and tax office,
  • Send Social Security declarations to the Payer program,
  • Send PFRON and SODiR Offline declarations,
  • Sending tax e-declarations to Ministry of Finance servers,
  • Tax return printouts.


Control logistics processes using an extensive warehouse module that allows you to define the structure of the warehouse, determine the detailed arrangement of goods and support the transport process.

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  • Any number of warehouses, both internal and departmental,
  • Warehouse space management – description of the structure with the assignment of assortment and storage units to each warehouse address,
  • Many types of packaging, including returnable packaging; ability to define packaging conversion rates,
  • Use of barcodes to mark assortments (multiple codes for a given commodity), as well as warehouse addresses,
  • Ensure optimal distribution of goods in the warehouse (operation of the High Storage Warehouse),
  • Records of warehouse movements, both external receipts and releases, as well as inter-warehouse transfers or transfers within a single warehouse – the possibility of using mobile applications,
  • Option of virtual movement through the warehouse – three-dimensional visualization,
  • Definable travel routes, loading support, ability to prepare forwarding documents,
  • Keeping records of packages, shipments, vehicles and transportation costs.

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Trade and distribution

Modules of Comarch ERP XL system support processes related to distribution and trade services. Operations are carried out on two levels: the sales side – transactions, sales channels and service using the retail network – and the purchasing side – purchasing processes and data.

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  • Handling of all kinds of domestic and foreign trade transactions, including specific ones (e.g. tax free, trade in scrap metal, trade in licensed goods, handling of deposits),
  • Flexible pricing and discount management,
  • Constant control over counterparty credit limits and effective payment management tools,
  • Guarantee the implementation of order processing processes in accordance with the standards of quality systems (ISO-based design), starting with the registration of the request for quotation, offer, and then the order, which is the source of the invoice,
  • Smooth work on documents within a single purchasing, sales or purchase-sales process thanks to the ability to process documents (information common to individual documents is transferred automatically, saving employee time),
  • Full handling of foreign purchases, both intra-Community acquisitions and imports from outside the European Union,
  • Full historicity of all types of customer contact, from a phone call or email, to instant messaging contact, to a traditional meeting,
  • Effective planning and constant supervision of the tasks of marketing and sales employees, as well as other departments in the company,
  • Clear definition of responsibilities – the ability to divide sales structures into regions, to indicate the persons responsible for contractors in these regions,

Analysis and reports

Base your strategic decisions on carefully prepared analyses through the dedicated Analysis and Reports module. Data layouts are fully editable and can be customized for the priority metrics on which you base your strategies and business direction.

More information
  • Reports available in multiple layouts and sections (tables, charts, maps), covering all the company’s processes,
  • Simple, self-created reports using the mouse (“drag and drop”),
  • Dozens of predefined, ready-to-use analyses available as standard,
  • Automatic notifications and email alerts for any unplanned deviations,
  • Access to analysis via web browser, email and mobile devices – a convenient tool for those working outside the office.


Implementation models

Cloud model

Comarch Optima is available to you from your browser via the Internet. Being anywhere you can access the data, all you need is a network connection.

Stationary model

Comarch Optima system will be installed directly on the devices in your company. The software is permanently available on your server or private hosting and the system data is completely safe.

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