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Comarch Optima is an ERP solution for comprehensive company support. Convenient operation and easy implementation process allows you to support employees in many areas and processes. Optima provides comfort in monitoring orders, tracking inventory or conducting efficient communication with customers.

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The system automates complex processes reducing the time required for alternative solutions.

Constant viewing

You have constant access to important company information from any device with Internet.

Easy to use

The software is employee-friendly thanks to its easy and intuitive interface.

Comarch ERP Optima focuses on maximizing ease of use while maintaining high functionality of its modules. Each of them is prepared specifically for the operation of the relevant company structure, and constant updates allow you to stay up to date with current legislation.

Reduce decision-making time with analytics modules that show you the actual data you need to grow and continuously improve your chances of success in a dynamic market.

Move to flexible operation in many areas of the organization.

70,000 companies in Poland use trusted Comarch ERP Optima system. Join them and see how easy it is to manage your organization.

Learn how Comarch works provides professional advice on choosing the right IT solution. As part of the implementation, you get mentoring and support from a team of experts who have experience in running projects for a wide range of industries.

Each solution is designed to allow you to run your business quickly while maintaining maximum convenience and operation.

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The system provides full accounting services. The modules of the environment are adapted to keep business books in accordance with the latest requirements and laws governing the law. Along with comfortable operation, you gain a tool that allows you to carry out accounting operations safely and responsibly.

More information
  • Always compliant – Software always compliant with all applicable regulations, running your business safely and responsibly.
  • All forms of bookkeeping – Lump Sum, Income and Expense Ledger, as well as Commercial Ledger, or full accounting.
  • Process automation – Automatic posting of documents using accounting templates (full accounting), OCR, serial operations on documents.
  • VAT settlement – VAT settlement under the general rules and cash method. Choice of VAT settlement method, monthly or quarterly settlements.
  • PIT and CIT advances and annual declarations – Calculation of advances for PIT-36/PIT-36L, PIT-37, PIT-28, or CIT-8, and calculation and electronic dispatch of annual declarations.
  • Full VAT records – Entering documents into VAT Registers, preparing tax returns and sending to e-Declarations system, creating printouts of VAT registers, any number of VAT sub-registers of sales and purchases.
  • Create and send JPK files – Prepare and send JPK files in all structures: JPK_V7, VAT, KR, PKPiR, EWP, WB, FA, MAG.
  • Additional records – In the program it is possible to register separately documents that are not VAT documents, e.g. insurance policies, orders.
  • OCR of expense documents – Input invoices from scans and photos; PDF, JPG, PNG files using Comarch OCR service.
  • Preparation of VAT-ZD for JPK_V7 file – Settlement of bad debt relief to correct input VAT for unpaid invoices on time.


Trade is a module that supports both sales and warehouse operations. The functionalities allow full control of the company’s logistics processes which leads to easy management of the stock available in the warehouse.

More information

  • VAT invoices and receipts
    – Sales invoices

    , pro forma invoices, advance payment invoices

    , receipts,

    purchase invoices, purchase invoices from the flat-rate farmer, correction invoices

  • Warehouse documentsExternal releases and receipts, internal releases and receipts, inter-warehouse transfers, recipient reservations, orders with the supplier.
  • Warehouse service – Inventory control,multi-warehouse, possibility of inventory, physical inventory, trade balance of goods, statement by delivery, history of goods.
  • Warehouse b illing – Specific billing methods: FIFO, LIFO, AVCO.
  • Cooperation with devices – Fiscal printers and cash registers (including online), barcode readers and scanners, label printers, data collectors, payment terminals.
  • Internet Sales – Full and simple integration of Comarch ERP Optima system with Comarch e-Store software and Comarch e-Sale and
  • Create and send JPK files – Prepare and send JPK files in all structures: JPK_V7, VAT, KR, PKPiR, EWP, WB, FA, MAG.
  • Integrations with cour iers – Full integration with couriers DHL, DPD, Polish Post, InPost Allegro service, InPost Paczkomaty, possibility to print waybills and receipt protocol.
  • Declarations – Ability to generate AKC-WW, CUK-1, Intrastat, JPK FA, JPK MAG declarations.
  • Others – Component picking – outgoing of components and acceptance of complex goods, turnover of bail packages, monitoring of the transport of sensitive goods through SENT, Support of VAT e-Commerce package (OSS procedure).

Payroll and HR

The software works well as the main tool for handling HR and payroll processes. The intelligent design of the module allows for intuitive operation and reduction of possible errors.

More information

  • Accounting for employees
    – Records and billing of contracted employees including overtime and employee absences. Accounting for civil law contracts, including those with foreigners.
  • Social Security Declarations – Create and send Social Security enrollment forms and settlement declarations for employees and owners to the Payer, along with the required attachments.
  • PIT Declarations – Calculation and printing of tax declarations in accordance with the current form templates sending tax declarations to the e-Declarations system.
  • PPK support – Ability to record data on employee participation in the program, calculate Employee Capital Plans contributions and generate payments to the financial institution.
  • Various forms of employmentPossibility of HR and payroll services for multi-job workers . Payroll settlement for expatriate and temporary employees.
  • Employee e-Files – Full electronic employee records available in the program, used to store all personnel documents related to the employee allowing quick and easy access to employee data.
  • Batch operations – Perform operations for multiple employees at the same time, including: calculating absence limits, changing the value of selected fields in the HR form, adding absences, inserting days in the work schedule/time, serial payment of allowance (Payroll and HR Plus module).
  • Other HR and payroll areas – Ability to generate own pay components based on different calculation algorithms, create own absences with limits, make auxiliary printouts for CSO reports.

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Cash and bank

Full enterprise financial management with the Cash/Bank module. The module allows you to conveniently manage cash flow. The tool monitors the company’s financial condition on an ongoing basis and provides access to the most important information needed to perform the necessary analysis.

More information

The system allows:

  • current control of cash flow in the company
  • collection of payment information related to documents registered in other modules
  • running any number of cash registers and bank accounts ingold and other currencies
  • automatic download NBP rates
  • settlement of documents in different currencies
  • automatic creation of exchange rate differences when settling documents in foreign currency
  • defining any number of payments and assigning to each the corresponding cash/bank register
  • partial settlement of receivablesorpayables
  • generation of offset documents
  • monitoring and collection of receivables– issuance of interest notes, payment reminders and balance confirmations – single or in series
  • serial settlement of documents from payment estimates
  • associating payments and documents at the invoice payment level
  • execution of a collective statement of cash receipts and expenditures – those already made (entries) and planned (events)
  • use of the split payment mechanism
  • settlements with all legal entities – contractors, offices, employees
  • enjoyment Dictionary of Banks, into which information on all banks in Poland can be imported from files provided by the KIR (National Clearing House) and Dictionary of Officials. Dictionary of Offices – once completed, is available in all Comarch ERP Optima modules.
  • verification of bank account numbers in the list of VAT payers
  • downloading the list of contractor’s bank accounts from the list of VAT taxpayers

Accounting office

Comarch Optima for accounting offices is the maximum simplification of the work of consultants who perform activities in a serial manner for many clients. The work of the module is to support daily duties, and operations performed in the module are synchronized with the rest of the system environment on an ongoing basis.

More information

  • Tax Book
    Comarch ERP Optima Tax Ledger allows accounting offices to easily provide accounting services to companies and make settlements with the Tax Office on the basis of the Income and Expenses Ledger, lump-sum records, and VAT recording for the purpose of calculating the value added tax and correct calculation of VAT returns. The module is always compliant with current regulations.
  • Trading BookComarch ERP Optima Commercial Ledger is a module that allows accounting offices to support companies in the form of full accounting in accordance with the Accounting Act. Its primary advantage is that it streamlines work by automating the accounting process, VAT recording and the ability to print and send electronic returns.
  • Fixed AssetsComarch ERP Optima Fixed Assets allows accounting offices to keep records of fixed assets and intangible assets for clients. With the module, it is possible to create depreciation schedules, automatically post depreciation allowances, record the history of a fixed asset, create inventory sheets and equipment.
  • Payroll and HRComarch ERP Optima Human Resources and Payroll enables accounting offices to provide full HR and payroll services. Ensures work always in accordance with current regulations and: cooperates with the Płatnik program, calculates and prints tax declarations, calculates Social Security contributions and declarations, provides support for payroll adjustments, allows sending e-declarations to the US.
  • Online document exchangeInternet Document Exchange (IWD) is a mechanism that ensures the secure transfer of documents between two independent installations of Comarch ERP Optima. This exchange can take place in models: accounting office client – accounting office And the company’s sales outlets – the company’s headquarters. By using Comarch’s data exchange server as a communication intermediary, the transmitted data is properly encrypted, which ensures a high level of transmission security, while preventing unauthorized deletion of data from the server and sending to the server.
  • PPK serviceThe Comarch PPK application enables accounting offices to provide efficient services to companies in the field of Employee Capital Plans. It makes it easy to add a new service to your offerings, attract new customers and generate profits.

Reporting and analysis

Excel is no longer enough when it comes to strategic and transparent analysis. The BI Analytics module provides quick insights into strategic data and reassures entrepreneurs to make the right business decisions.

More information

The BI Analysis module provides users with access to a number of standard reports prepared by Comarch specialists, thanks to which they receive great convenience in using the tool as well as a guarantee of the fastest possible access to information of interest in the following areas:

  • Sales, Purchasing, Payments
  • Accounting, VAT Registers, Human Resources and Payroll
  • Warehouses, Service, Fixed Assets
  • CRM, Accounts Payable, Accounting Office

Benefits of Comarch ERP Optima BI Analytics module:

  • Better insight into the company’s operations – companies using the module receive reliable, fast and up-to-date information on many aspects of their business.
  • Improved decision-making – decision-making becomes easier with clear and cross-sectional data on company performance in the form of analysis and reports, which allow owners and managers to decide whether and what actions to take to achieve the intended business goals.
  • Reduce the cost of obtaining analyses – Comarch ERP Optima Analytics BI quickly answers the questions posed, and building even the most complex reports and statements comes down to using a simple drag & drop method.
  • Save time – by using subscriptions, the constantly executed reports will always be delivered on time. The module will automatically send a report with all the necessary information to diagnose the current situation in the company and take appropriate action.
  • Verification of the implementation of the company’s plans – using the Comarch ERP Optima Analytics BI module in a simple way on a single report, you can read the degree of the realized plan and track trends for each of the key performance indicators.


Implementation models

Cloud model

Comarch Optima is available to you from your browser via the Internet. Being anywhere you can access the data, all you need is a network connection.

Stationary model

Comarch Optima system will be installed directly on the devices in your company. The software is permanently available on your server or private hosting and the system data is completely safe.

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