Zakład Transportu Kolejowego “SIARKOPOL” Ltd.

Implementation of RAILSoft at the Railway Transport Plant “SIARKOPOL” Ltd.



ZTK “SIARKOPOL” Ltd. Is part of the Greenbrier Companies group. The service and repair workshop is a partner for rail freight carriers operating in Poland.


Situation before implementation

An organization performing repair, overhaul, maintenance services on freight cars used a variety of distributed information sources to manage its processes. Sources and data in varying degrees of digitization have hindered management decision-making, as well as handling the processes of execution as well as the logistics of planning and value flows. The company’s general need was a unified, centralized environment for managing and documenting service and repair processes. And also with maximizing the digitization of customer service planning.


Implemented solution

Company Technologie Informatyczne has implemented a system to manage the company’s railroad processes. The work mainly consisted of the delivery, implementation and configuration with dedicated software add-ons of RAILSoft Business Solutions software tailored to individual customer needs. The implemented system supports and streamlines the plant’s logistics processes in the area of operations. Maintenance of rolling stock, management of employee competence, planning and execution of service and repair of freight wagons

Implemented RailSoft is constantly:

  • developed and improved on the basis of requests and agreements of the contact group teams of both companies (ZTK “Siarkopol” Sp. z o.o. and Technologie Informatyczne Sp. z o.o.).
  • maintained in accordance with the requirements of the changing environment of railroad regulations and the conditions of the constantly developing network and server environment
  • Covered by Maintenance and service support that meets the individual business needs of ZTK “Siarkopol” Ltd.


Effects of implementation

  • Centralized system to manage railroad processes in the organization
  • Management of the most real-time generated data
  • Generated reports reflect the latest data from the system and are not burdened by the inertia of an environment of diverse dispersed information sources
  • Increase productivity and competitiveness of the company
  • Accelerate and optimize by about 80% the processes involved in planning maintenance processes.
  • Accelerate maintenance and repair of rolling stock by 90% due to minimization of idle periods and downtime.


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