System development at Captrain Polska Ltd.

Rozwój systemu w Captrain Polska Sp. z o.o.

The implementation of the RailSoft System at Captrain Polska Ltd.


Captrain Poland Company

Captrain Polnad Ltd. actively developing freight carrier on the Polish and international market, a client of Technologie Informatyczne as of 2018.


Situation before implementation

With the completion of RailSoft implementation and active use, business areas that could be improved with the system were identified. It was noted that a significant amount of employee time was consumed in informing customers of Captrain Polska On the progress and status of shipping orders. Significant lapse in obtaining consistent data at the source of formation in the transportation process (from the ground). Lack of consistency or inaccuracy of given terms, nomenclature, etc.


Implemented solution

In order to improve the notification of customers, Captrain Polska about the status and progress of shipping orders was made by automating information channels. Active Web Service CRM channel – where logged-in customers can view their orders in terms of status and geolocation of the train on the map. Passive mailing channel – where defined users receive email notifications at least about the status, scheduled arrival date at the destination station. Using the mRails mobile application to collect, process, generate and transmit data online with RailSoft. Shielding and validation were performed to deepen data integration and consistency.


Effects of implementation

By automating the flow of order fulfillment information to customers, Captrain Polska Sp. the time that employees can devote to generating added value for the company has been saved. Accelerate decision-making processes by making fuller use of the mRails mobile application. Reduce the generation of business process handling errors with the help of validation extension and data generation dictionary.


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