Implementation at CTL Capital Group

Implementation of RailSoft System at CTL Capital Group


CTL Capital Group

International logistics operator which carries out domestic and international transportation using its own rolling stock and infrastructure. The group carries out transports comprehensively, along with handling of transhipment processes, operation of rail sidings and bulk terminals, including seaports. CTL Group is distinguished by its ability to coordinate and handle transport along the entire haulage route realized to western and southern European countries.

Situation before implementation

The situation before the implementation of the RailSoft rail service system:

  • Difficulties in processing and analyzing increasing amounts of data
  • Impeded flow of information, which resulted in limited efficiency in managing available data
  • Hardly intuitive systems for managing freight supported by spreadsheets
  • Delays in receiving information on resources held


Implemented solution

The implementation consisted of supplying, configuring and launching the RailSoft Business Solutions system fully tailored to the CTL Group’s needs. An additional implementation task was the training provided to the implementation teams of the company’s various business areas, i.e.

  • Wagons
  • Traction Vehicles
  • Trade
  • Traction Teams
  • Transportation planning and execution
  • Workshop
  • Operational Controlling
  • Financial Controlling


The RailSoft Business Solutions system implemented at CTL included the following modules:

  • Cartography of wagons and traction vehicles
  • Equipment file of wagons and traction vehicles
  • Document management of wagons and traction vehicles
  • Management of rental contracts, leases, ECM, workshops, insurance of wagons and traction vehicles
  • Management of inspections of wagons and traction vehicles and their equipment
  • Maintenance management of railcars and traction vehicles and their equipment
  • Management of measurement cards of wagons and traction vehicles
  • Web module for tenant management of leased assets
  • Mobile application for maintenance and operation of rolling stock
  • The electronic board book of the traction vehicle
  • Employee file
  • Employee document management
  • Staff equipment file and its maintenance and inspection
  • Management of employee rights and competencies
  • Training and Instruction Module
  • Managing knowledge of the trail
  • Time Card Management
  • Management of normative acts
  • Mobile application for field workers (drivers, revisers, setters and shunters)
  • Goods file
  • File of contractors
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • CRM – WEB version
  • Register of revenue and expense contracts
  • Register of contracts and orders
  • Planner panel
  • Dispatcher’s panel
  • Circulation of traction vehicles
  • Electronic data exchange with Polish carriers using RailSoft
  • Electronic railroad map of Poland
  • TAXI module integrated with cab company
  • Workshop Module
  • Mobile application for drivers and auditors to enable freight operations with real-time provision of railroad documents
  • Settlements with PKP Energetyka and PKP PLK
  • Statistical reports of traction vehicles and wagons
  • Analytical reports of maintenance costs of traction vehicles and wagons
  • Managerial reports – key performance indicators, operational indicators
  • Security reports
  • Railroad Traffic Safety Module (BRK).
  • CSO and UTK reports
  • Cost and Income Module
  • Management of system alerts and warnings
  • Integration with BI BPX
  • Register of working time of locomotives

In addition to the above-mentioned modules, the implementation and programming work also included the implementation, development and customization of software for CTL LOGISTICS, CTL GMBH, CTL SRO and CTL Północ, along with a period of system stabilization.


Effects of implementation

The system supports the management of rail logistics, commercial processes, freight planning and execution, locomotive and railcar repairs, as well as the management of railroad documentation.
It has also contributed to significant support for the processes of training, periodic, qualification and verification examinations, and employee competence management.

The system supports commercial processes by generating data on a number of variables on the basis of which accurate offers are developed. These include data on spare capacity and resources, travel routes, schedules, communication of track closures, etc.

Work ergonomics and speed of information transfer have been improved with the implementation of a mobile system for drivers, auditors, setters and shunters.

The quality and ergonomics of HR areas have been improved with automated reports from individual driver slots scattered throughout the country.

Planning processes have been streamlined by gathering, processing and providing planners with specific information in one place – the planner and dispatcher panel.


RailSoft System

The RailSoft system provided the CTL Group with access to strategic resources, information that definitely influenced the efficiency and quality of planning and bidding.

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