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We are engaged in the analysis, design and implementation of information systems. We are an experienced integrator of modern technologies, and a wide selection of proprietary products makes us unique in the IT market. Our forte is the production of software that works in a wide range of industries, is kept up-to-date and successfully supports our clients’ business processes. has been on the market since 2000. It is a rapidly growing IT company with a nationwide reach.


Software Development specializes in the production of dedicated solutions and software, providing the best functionality. Our systems are tailored to the specific needs of each company, ensuring seamless integration with business processes. Our applications are turnkey, which means they are fully operational and ready to use as soon as they are deployed.

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With many years of experience, offers IT solutions for many industries in the market.

Our solutions are constantly updated and adapted to changing needs. We offer advanced systems that are not only innovative, but also tailored to the specifics of each industry. The software is fully functional and provides full integration with business processes.


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For many years, we have been providing comprehensive services in optimizing and streamlining business operations. For this, we use the latest solutions – specialized IT systems for companies and business software. We perform ERP implementations, prepare dedicated applications for specific entities, which are ideally suited to the characteristics of a particular business. We have been in the IT business since 2000, so we have the necessary experience. We combine it with continuous development of knowledge and skills. We welcome customers from Rzeszow and the surrounding area, but also other cities!


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What IT solutions for companies do we offer?

As an integrator of modern technologies, we are able to take care of the implementation of information systems in enterprises from various industries. We prepare dedicated business software such as ERP from scratch, taking care of its design. In the case of existing solutions, we provide services to analyze the functioning of the improvements already made and make modifications aimed primarily at increasing efficiency. We have made complex IT systems applicable to a variety of industries. One of our offerings is dedicated software for railroad companies.

We offer our services to both small, medium and large enterprises. We create special platforms to effectively and conveniently manage all areas of the business organization. This makes doing business faster as well as easier. As a proven IT company from Rzeszow, we have prepared, among other things. A flexible SAP Business One platform for comprehensive support of business entities. Dedicated software combining multiple functions in a single ERP solution is an excellent tool for optimizing work in an enterprise. With professional IT system implementations of this type, business owners and their employees gain knowledge of how to properly use the various modules on the platform.

In addition, we offer intelligent, state-of-the-art technologies for managing maintenance, laboratory operations, warehouse logistics processes or invoices. The implementation of IT systems in companies carried out by us applies to the ERP solutions already mentioned, as well as, for example, tools for more efficient intake and comprehensive incident handling.


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Why trust our IT company?

We treat each client individually. We are able to tailor dedicated business software to the needs of the ordering party thanks to the extensive knowledge of the specialists in the IT team. We set rates depending on the characteristics of the company’s unique IT implementation and the complexity of ERP and other solutions. At every stage of cooperation we are at the disposal of the entrepreneur, clarifying any doubts. Interested parties are welcome to take advantage of our service offerings!


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We have been working with Petrosoft since July 2014 and are very satisfied with its professionalism and high competence, vast experience, reliability and meeting deadlines.


The company timely and unreservedly fulfills its services, while the company’s employees are competent, professional and efficient.

KGHM Polska Miedz

In terms of the services provided, we are pleased to work with the company as a reliable and dependable partner.

Lotos Kolej

After completion of the implementation process and support in the initial phase of use, continues to support and develop LABSystem software.

Ecolit Poland

We recommend Petrosoft as a reliable and competent company in designing solutions related to production process management.


Petrosoft has very extensive experience in the design and implementation of service station systems in many locations, individually tailored to our needs.


We recommend Technologie Informatyczne as a reliable and professional partner in the supply and service of modern network solutions.

Innergo Systems


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